Oil Water Separation

Treatment for Re-use in SAGD

Solids Removal

Polymer Flood, Hydraulic Flood Application

      Sage Water has the technical knowhow and expertise to assist in your water and wastewater needs.  We understand that every situation is different and each of our clients has unique specifications and requirements that must be achieved.

      Treatment options vary drastically depending on the source of the feed water and various potential uses of the treated water.

Oil Water Separation

Treatment for Re-use in Hyrdofracturing Activities

Solids Removal


Solids Handling

Clarification Recycle of Waste Water to Upstream Applications (ZLD)

Biological Treatment

Upstream Applications (ZLD)

Chemical Treatment

Demineralization (ion exchange, de-gas)

Combination of Technologies

Reverse Osmosis


Conventional Clarification

Media Filtration

High Rate Clarification  

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Technologies – SAGD, Polymer flood, Hydraulic flood

Produced and Flowback Water

Waste Water

Boiler Feed Water Waste

Sage Water evaluates your feed water conditions and required specifications and provides a solution that utilizes the best technology while minimizing costs to achieve the results. From feed waters entering your facility to treating for discharge or water recycle, Sage Water has knowledge and experience to assist in your water treatment needs.

Facility Feed Water